When Fall Is Just Around The Corner

Hello everyone! Welcome back, this first thoughts of fall post was supposed to go up yesterday but some technical difficulties popped up. So it is a day late but here it is!

fall is just around the corner 1

I wanted to touch on a few updates before we talk about todays post. Now that the blog is caught up with my youtube channel all the content coming forward will be fresh and new! I needed to blend the posting schedules together! So here it is 🙂 Posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Monday and Friday will have new youtube videos to go with it and Wednesday will be a photo only based post or have a short video clip included.  I chose 3 days a week because I believe in quality content and if I post everyday with trying to be a full time university student, run a photography business and keep up a job I know the quality of my posts will not be what they could be. I hope you support my decision to post 3 days a week and bring you the best content I can!

fall is just around the corner 2 fall is just around the corner 3

Okay with those housekeeping notes out of the way lets talk about fall! I felt like summer flew by and now all the stores are in fall, in a few weeks it will be christmas in stores and thats just crazy. While my summer started off with July being cold and rainy I was still wearing jeans and spring clothing. But I look at this outfit and I think I will be wearing it well into fall. I might change it up to add some beautiful fall colours.

fall is just around the corner 4 fall is just around the corner 5

We saw longs of long vests popping out in the spring and I plan to bring that into fall with me. I love the look they give and with my long legs I can pull off a long vest. I just touched on how to incorporate them into my style and I can’t wait to play with them this fall.

fall is just around the corner 6

fall is just around the corner 7I just love the fun aztec print of my shirt. I picked it up awhile ago and I love to use it when I want to make a statement with bold print and brighter colour. How fun is it to play with hats! I just love hats, and this one from Aldo was a steal! I am so happy I got it and it is a great go to hat that I know will look fantastic!

 8 fall is just around the corner 9

Now you could rock this look with a great pair of flats but if you are crazy like me you grab your stilettos and kick it up a notch!  I do love the way these heels look, you feel pretty great wearing them! Do you have a favourite pair of heels that just make you feel great! I think everyone need a pair like that.

fall is just around the corner 10

I hope you enjoy this new video and look out for Wednesday’s post! Have a great day everyone!

love, S




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