What’s Your M.O?

Summertime is here, the weather is really warming up in BC and it’s starting to feel like summertime! I love that BC normally gets a later summer and we can enjoy the heat well into September! But right now I’m ready to get my summer fun going and start enjoying this heat!

Sydney is taking a selfie in a wild flower field with a can of M.O Fruitsecco

So today we are going to talk about our M.O. Now you might be wondering what the heck M.O is or what it stands for. M.O stands for: Modus Operandi, meaning “one’s method of operating”, cool right!? So, take a few moments and think about what you M.O is. This can be absolutely anything, but to give you a few starters think about your family, health, activity, community, goals, dreams or anything that comes to mind. Try to come up with what your M.O is!

Sydney layes in a field of wild flowers with her summer drink: M.O Fruitsecco

Sydney is sitting in a wild flower field with a can of M.O Fruitsecco

Anyone that knows me or looks at any of my photos will understand that I LOVE the outdoors. I truly believe that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I want my M.O to be all about enjoying the places I get to explore and being present in those moments. Being present is something really important to me especially with how much my jobs rely on me being online.

Sydney is holding 2 cans of M.O Fruitsecco

So now we have discovered and identified our M.O and now I want to talk about M.O Fruitsecco, and these amazing drinks that I’m enjoying this summer. I know the summer drink competition is fierce, but these drinks had no competition in my book! First off, they are made with locally sourced ingredients, that’s like music to my ears. They have three amazing infusions for summer, Sparkling Dry Fruit, Rose, and Basil. Now reading those infusions you might not realize everything inside; they are all made with 100% BC Fruit!! Yes, you read that right, my heart is singing with happiness that I have a summer drink that has BC Fruit in it!

Sydney puts a can of M.O Fruitsecco into there round woven bag

A can of M.O Fruitsecco being held over a field of wild flowers

My favourite right now is the Sparkling Dry Fruit. I have this little obsession with lavender. This drink has lavender and it was calling out to me! So not only does M.O Fruitsecco make awesome drinks, but they have an amazing purpose of identifying your M.O and bringing our focus back to the important things. I don’t know about you but being reminded about what’s really important in life, especially around summertime is refreshing and allows me to make some amazing summer memories!

A flatlay photo of M.O Fruitsecco cans, sunglasses a cellphone and a bag

Sydney is sitting in a wild flower field with a can of M.O Fruitsecco

Now that your dying to try these drinks here’s where to find them. First check out the M.O Fruitsecco website and take a peek at what their M.O is (it’s pretty awesome) or you can check out BC Liquor Store’s website to find where they are sold near you! Head out find your M.O, your favourite flavour, and enjoy the hot sunny weather! Please remember to drink responsibly and be safe!

This post was generously sponsored by BC Tree Fruits. All opinions are my own.

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